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We offer flattening and cutting services on our 5' x 10' CNC- Here is what you need to know:

  • $160/hr (avg. dining table takes approx 1-1.5hr)

  • Remove all silicone and possible metal from your piece

  • Pieces larger than 10' can be flattened, but additional charges may incur.

  • Provide us with a vector file of designs you need cut- if we are to do designs, our rate is $100/hr

  • Expected turn around times are typically 2-5 business days

  • Bulk rates vary, but we are flexible to work out rates per order


We are able to 3D model any projects you may need completed. Measurements and cutlists can be made for quick and easy workflow.

Impress your clients with rendered 3D rendered designs. 

Need custom sized legs or steel work? No problem- we can design it and show you and your client what the project will look like.

Design rate is $100/hr.


Interested in selling retail through your business?

Looking to partner with us, and the brands we carry to provide a better customer experience, and better margins for your builds?

We are actively looking for partnerships across North America to become ambassadors of our brands and products.

Follow this link to apply.

You'll hear back from us shortly!

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