Our Live Edge Slabs are salvaged from across Ontario. Each piece is unique and tells its own story. Our slabs range from small charcuterie stock, all the way to single slab conference table sizes.

We often have stocked:


  • Ambrosia Maple ($11-$12/bf)

  • Ash ($12/bf)

  • Beech ($10-$11/bf)

  • Black Locust ($12/bf & Charc $7.5/bf)

  • Cedar ($11/bf)

  • Cottonwood ($10-$11/bf)

  • Curly Maple (Charc. $7.50/bf)

  • Hard Maple ($12/bf)

  • Soft Maple ($10-$12/bf)

  • Spalted Maple ($12-$13/bf)

  • Black Oak ($13/bf)

  • Red Oak ($12/bf)

  • White Oak ($12/bf)

  • Olive Wood ($20/bf)

  • Sycamore ($10/bf)

  • Walnut ($16-$20/bf) (Charc. $10/bf-$20/bf)

  • Willow ($12/bf)

Reach out to us if you have any questions about current inventory.


Authentic Reclaimed Ontario Barn Wood. All of the material has been pulled from 100+ year old barns. Barn wood like this will not be available in a few years time, so farmers say it's wise to preserve these pieces for as long as possible. They make for fantastic furniture & decor to enjoy for a lifetime.

What we have

  • Barn Board (Brown $5/lf & Grey $7/lf)

  • Beams (6x6 $12/f, 8x8 $15/lf, 10x10 $20lf, 12x12 $25/lf)

  • Floor Joists (3" - 5" thick, $16/lf)

  • Rafters ($6.50/lf)



Bulk/Wholesale options available. Don't hesitate to ask.


Our Dimensional Lumber was humidor controlled for over 45 years. It came from a cabinet maker who collected lumber that he admired. We have a range from 4/4 stock, to 16/4 stock.


  • Walnut (4/4, 5/4, 6/4,  8/4+: $11/bf)

Available until the lot of it is gone!