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We are a furniture design company specializing in branding your company or space with custom modern, rustic, and industrial styles. We believe in the dichotomy of edgy and modern in one piece.


We started this company because we were absolutely sick and tired of seeing contractors and big box stores pushing overpriced pieces that just fit into a cookie cutter mold of something they likely saw on Pinterest and regurgitated it over and over to different clients.

You are better than that. Your space deserves better than that.

It's about custom, but at fair prices.

Our goal is to work with you to create a piece that enhances your personality and style, using nothing but high quality materials that will outlast us all. 


We specialize in:


  • Conference, Retail, Merchandising, Coffee, and Dining Tables

  • Bars and Brewery Decor

  • Chairs and Stools

  • Reception Desks/Counters

  • Feature Walls

  • Home Furniture and Decor


At our shop, we not only build furniture, but we sell live edge slabs that are kiln dried and sanded to 120 grit, reclaimed wood like barn board and beams, and we sell maker supplies like wood finishes, epoxy, and hardware.

Please feel free to reach out to us with questions through our contact form, and explore our material through our gallery and our social sites.


Why choose Northdog Wood Co?

All we care about is the customer. Whether that's you in our store, or its the internal or external customers walking through your company's doors.

We believe that there are a few things in today's world that are pre-requisits to providing excellent customer service:

  • Listen and understand your customer

  • Be unique, and set yourself apart

  • Take pride in everything you do

  • Build long lasting relationships

  • Deliver over and above expectations

When you combine that with using high quality materials, pushing the boundaries of design, and providing a completely custom experience from the ground up... you have a recipe for success. 

ALSO! We're just pretty fun, easy going people who like to make awesome stuff for people who appreciate it.

Visit our store at 845 Farewell St, in Oshawa to speak with our team.

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